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Handle with care

Start of work: 2007

The strong destructuring effect of the hand crushes the paper and the image of single gigantic flowers, symbols of domestic nature - yet to be tamed - revealing all the drama of the moment of death, the final transformation of the figure.
The manipulated paper creates an effect that gives the work plastic power, turning it into a bas-relief, albeit a fragile one. Its fragility is protected by the large plexiglas showcase in which the flowers are enclosed, as if they were the subjects of a scientific experiment intended to study the different stages of metamorphosis.
Here, too, as in Fragile and Metamorphosis, Pignatelli uses the photographic image, as if it were 'matter', in order to offer new interpretations. Thus the figure is subjected to double interference that obliges spectators to question what they are seeing and the linguistic process that has determined it.

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